The laws of cross-stitch


Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to learn about the universal truths of needlework. I call them the laws of cross-stitch. You can do anything thing you want when creating your artistic needlework treasure, however, these laws will make you and the projects you stitch better quality. The laws aren't based on right and wrong but rather on learning from experience on how to be the best at our craft. Most of the list is tongue and cheek but, nonetheless, there is a kernel of truth in all of it. Here are the top 10 in no particular order.  Enjoy!
1. Always have a red work sampler in progress
This one is my favorite!
2. Always fold your fabric with the stitching facing inside to protect your work
Better yet, don't fold it if you don't have to!
3. Never leave your needle in the fabric
I have to admit that I violate this one the most but it might be the most important of all the laws because needles can rust and ruin your fabric. Trust me, I know from experience.
4. Don't leave your project in the hoop
Permanent creases = bad
5. No tape!
Better to stitch or surge the edges of your fabric.  When you are done stitching and remove the tape, you might just unravel most of your hard work.  Very sad indeed.
6. Count twice, stitch once
I don't know a single cross-stitcher that hasn't had to rip out a portion of their project for missing a thread.
7. Buy everything by Blackbird Designs (feel free to insert your favorite designer here)
Yup, we hoard charts, we admit and love each other for it.
8. Don’t store your WIP in a plastic bag.
I admit, this used to be me but the plastic prevents your linen and floss from breathing.  Air flow prevents mold and mildew.  Store your projects in project bags, preferably padded ones that protect everything.  Your project bag snd notions should be as beautiful and timeless as the pieces you stitch.
9. Don't store finished projects on paper towel rolls
The paper is acidic and will discolor and eventually eat through your stitching. Bad juju
10. Share your needlework knowledge and passion with others
We are a unique community and learn from each other. Thank you for being part of my tribe.

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