The language of cross-stitch


The cross-stich community has a language all it's own. Here's a guide to all those crazy sounding words and acronyms we use. They are in no particular order and this list is frequently updated:
From the Old French referring to a short chain attached to a woman's belt to carry keys or other items. In reference to cross-stich, it is a short chain that attaches to a hook that holds floss. I call this "floss jewelry".
A form of hand embroidery where the design is made with a series of x's.
Fabric/Ground Cloth
The material used for cross-stitch. Includes linen, evenweave, and Aida. Generally cotton where the weft and weave allow for the stitching of an X.
FFO - Fully finished object
A project that has been stitched and finished for display, i.e. framed, made into an ornament, flat-fold, etc.
A project that has been stitched but not finished for display yet.
Cross-stich floss is thread used for hand embroidery. Floss can be cotton, wool, linen, silk and synthetic material. Stranded cotton and silk are commonly used.
DMC is the brand most widely used and is the standard for reference to color.
This is a reference to having to pull out completed stitches. Called frog because you have to rip it out (ribbit). This may sound dumb but it really is what we call it.
Anything cross-stitch related that has been recently purchased.
A project that has everything necessary put together but has not been started, includes the chart, fabric, floss, etc.
Needle Minder
A decorative magnet used to hold needles. Minders are magnetic on both side so they can be affixed to fabric without damage.
New Start
The first time a project is started
The left over tail, bit or piece of thread.
A stitched personal reference piece featuring patterns and elements the stitcher learned or copied from others, i.e. letters, numbers and motifs
Scissor Fob
A beaded strand on a lobster clasp that hooks onto the handle of scissors. The extra length makes it easier to find and grasp small embroidery scissors.
Charts, fabric, floss and notions that are stored and not actively being used. This would imply out of sight, out of mind but oh no...we pull out, dig through and talk about our stash all the time.
WIP - work in progress
A project that has been started but not finished, every time the project is worked on following the first time when it was a new start.

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